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How to Select the Best Pet for Your Family

Jul 17

Many of us consider adding new or additional pets to our family. However, you need consider whether you know how to select the best pet for your family. It can be an exciting moment if you are considering adding a furry member to your family! People enjoy owning dogs because they provide a new level of fun and excitement to their lives. Pets offer you a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

The number of people living at home


Do you live by yourself? Do you have a six-person family? Do you already have pets in your home? You must examine whether your new dog or cat will get along with everyone in your house. Children, for example, can be loud and rambunctious, which may not work well with an elderly dog. In contrast, puppies may love the excitement of growing up with children.


House Aspects

Because cats do not grow very large, they may perform nicely in any size home. However, if you live in a tiny apartment and want to obtain a large dog, such as a Husky or German Shepherd, this may not be the best option unless you have the opportunity to take them outside frequently during the day. You must provide adequate space for your dog to move around and have their own area. There should be enough space for a bed or box for your dog to rest and relax. If the weather is bad and you need to exercise your dog inside, evaluate whether you have adequate space.


Garden Proportions

Your dog needs a spot where it can go potty and relieve itself. Take into account whether you will be able to bring your dog in and out for a daily walk and bathroom break if you don't have a garden and live in a building.


Your Daily Leisure Time

Nowadays, we all lead such hectic lifestyles. We have responsibilities, hobbies, children, jobs, and families. Before you choose the ideal pet for your family, you should be aware that owning a pet will need a significant amount of your time and energy. Consider whether a dog or a cat would be more suited to your lifestyle before selecting the perfect pet for your family.


Cats are more self-sufficient and can care for themselves for the majority of the day. While they still require love, attention, grooming, and vet appointments on a regular basis, they may be acceptable for busy people who like company after a long day at work.


A puppy cannot be left alone for an extended period of time since they are prone to mischief. You must choose whether you have the time to deal with them because they need training. A puppy that needs a lot of attention can be challenging for a person who is already busy.


The Kind of Relationship You Want With Your Pet

You should think about forming a strong attachment and relationship with your pet before adopting. It takes time and care to build a relationship. As they begin their new life with you, your dog or cat must gain trust in you. Do you have the emotional capacity to give a pet the love and care it requires?


How Active Are You?

Do you enjoy spending time outside? Do you like to go on treks or runs? If you live an active lifestyle, having a high-energy dog would be ideal. A Husky or Golden Retriever would be ideal for someone who is daring. If you have a more sedentary lifestyle and dislike being outside on a daily basis, having a kitty to cuddle up to every day would be preferable.


If you have a dog but don't have time to walk it every day, you may always hire a dog walker! We collaborate with all of our clients to create a schedule that works for you and your dog! Here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we always put the needs of our clients first.