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Choosing a Reliable Pet Sitter in Charlotte, NC

Aug 10

When looking for a pet sitter near you, common concerns include what to tell your pet sitter before you leave and who will watch my pets while I'm out of town or working long hours. Can I put my pets in the care of a neighbour? It can be stressful to trust someone new with your pet if you've never hired a pet sitter or pet sitting service before.


At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we want to ensure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of using a pet sitting service and how to find a trustworthy pet sitter. So many pet sitting services are available these days that it's challenging to know which ones to rely on. Even if you do not live in the Charlotte, NC, area, this article will make you feel more at ease and confident in selecting a reliable pet sitter.

Pet Sitter Categories

The good news is that there are numerous options for finding a dependable pet sitter. Unfortunately, not all of them are the best or safest options for your pet. The four most common pet sitting services are discussed further below.


1) Family or friends

When looking for a pet sitter, having a friend, neighbour, or member of the family check your pet is often the most cost-effective option. This can be a really great option, but if they don't have enough experience, it can be dangerous. Even the most trustworthy friend or a family member has lost a dog because they forget to do simple things like put up a barrier when opening and closing the door or leave a back gate open. These simple errors can lead to big disasters when they are not accustomed to caring for pets.


2) Sole Proprietorship

Finding a pet sitter in your immediate area has become even easier thanks to the internet and cell phones. Individuals can sign up for applications like Rover and Wag to become pet sitters and dog walkers. While they require some vetting of those who sign up on their platform, keep in mind that not all pet sitters are experienced or have CPR certification. On these platforms, anyone can sign up to be a pet sitter. You might have luck finding a regular sitter, but finding the right fit may require some trial and error.

3) Expert Pet Sitting Service

Professional pet sitting services like Rover provide dog walking and pet sitting in your area. A professional pet sitting service is Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking differs from contracting apps like Rover or Wag because our pet professionals are trained and employed by the company. We are a family-owned business, and personally, vet and background check all of our pet sitters, providing them with mentoring and Pet CPR certification to ensure they utilize all of the necessary precautionary measures and animal knowledge when caring for animals.


Using a professional service with a team of professional pet sitters ensures that no matter the time or frequency of pet sitting required, there will always be someone who can take care of your pet. Professional pet sitting services frequently provide sitting services for a wide range of species and breeds, whereas most pet sitting situations only care for cats and dogs. We can care for birds, reptiles, horses, and other animals at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking.

4) Kenneling or Boarding

Another popular choice is to board or kennel your pet while you are gone. Boarding your dog or cat is frequently dependable and safe, but it can be stressful for your pet. When you hire a professional pet sitter to come to your home, your pet will be in a familiar environment and can continue with its regular routine even if you're not there. Some professional pet sitting services also offer kennel-free boarding, which allows for more socialization with other dogs and more exercise because they are not confined to a kennel.


At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we do not believe kenneling or boarding is the best option for most pets. Instead, we offer in-home pet sitting, where your animal can stay in the comfort of their own home, as well as dog walking and drop-in visits to provide socialization and exercise while you're away.


The best way to find a pet sitter is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your veterinarian. Once you've compiled a list of potential candidates, interview them and ask for references. Ask about their experience, rates, policies, and availability.


Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking offers Charlotte, NC's highest quality pet sitting services. We are a professional, insured, and bonded company and all of our pet sitters are trained in Pet CPR. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!