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What exactly is a reliable pet sitter?

Aug 11

Hiring a professional, dependable, and trustworthy Charlotte pet sitter can be a lifesaver and game changer! Unfortunately, pets are no longer in their familiar and secure environment when their pet parents choose to board their precious furry family members in a kennel or facility. In addition, pets in kennels or "pet hotels" are likely to be surrounded by unfamiliar dogs or cats, resulting in chronic stress, aggression, or illness.


Do our pets realize their owners will return to pick them up once they've been dropped off? Unfortunately, no. Many pet owners have told us that their dog or cat returned home sick or traumatized after spending time in a boarding or kennel facility.


Reliable pet sitters offer house sitting in addition to pet sitting. Here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, your pet sitter will gladly feed the fish and bring in your mail, newspapers, and Amazon packages. Do you have plants or flowers that require watering or switching on and off lights? It may seem strange to ask a friend or neighbour to do everything for you. Why not get the whole package in the form of a professional pet sitter?


When you hire a reputable pet sitter here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, not only will all of these services be incorporated, but your furry and feathered loved ones will be able to stay in the comfort and security of their own homes. In addition, a dependable pet sitter will provide meals, exercise, training treats, and peace of mind for your pets.

Tips on How to Find Them


Do you need to find a reliable pet sitter in your area? A local, bonded, insured, and registered pet sitting service is an excellent place to begin. An in-home pet care company that focuses solely on pet sitting and dog walking with a team of pet sitters provides you with the pet care you expect and the necessary knowledge. In addition, many professional pet sitters have experience with dog training and can use positive reinforcement and treats to help enforce your pup's leash manners or potty training.


When searching for a reliable pet sitter, you want to ensure that they are professional and have a good reputation. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is an excellent example of such a business. We're experienced, bonded and insured, and our pet sitters have undergone a thorough background check. Plus, our pet sitters have been trained in pet first-aid and CPR.


When looking for a reliable pet sitter, it's essential to check out reviews and testimonials. An excellent way to do this is by searching Google or Yelp. You can also check out the business's website and look for customer reviews there. You can also ask your friends, family, and neighbours if they have any recommendations.


Once you've found a few potential candidates, the next step is to set up interviews. This is your chance to meet the pet sitter in person and ask any questions you may have. It's also a good opportunity for the pet sitter to meet your pets and see if they're a good fit.


When you're interviewing potential pet sitters, there are a few key questions that you should ask. These include:


- What are your rates?


- What services do you offer?


- Are you bonded and insured?


- Do you have any experience with my type of pet?


- Do you have any references that I can contact?


- What are your availability and scheduling policies?


- What is your policy on cancellations?


- What are your payment terms?


These questions will help you narrow your choices and find the best possible pet sitter to care for your fur babies! The assurance that your scheduling requests are more likely to be met in an emergency or on short notice. The Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking provides various dependable pet sitting and vacation care options!