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What Do You Need to Know About Your Pet Sitter?

Oct 16

Knowing what questions to ask is essential when looking for a reliable "Pet Sitter Near Me" online. So what should you inquire about? Not to worry, we've answered those queries below. When interviewing a possible sitter, make sure to get each one answered.


Do You Have Liability Insurance Proof (Are You Bonded)?

A Pet Sitter who is not insured and bonded is not adequately protected. Ensure that the individual you are considering has taken the appropriate procedures to obtain this insurance and can offer coverage documentation. If they employ additional sitters or staff, they should also be covered via the pet sitter or pet sitting organization.

Do you Have any Animal Experience or Training?

You don't want to entrust your pet to someone who lacks experience and training. That is why you should look for a sitter who:


- has cared for animals in the past, whether personally or professionally

- has taken courses or earned certification related to animal care

- is comfortable handling different types of pets, including those with special needs

What Are Your Policies for Cancellations and Changes?

Life happens, and sometimes plans need to be changed at the last minute. When that happens, you'll want to know what your options are. Also, find out if the pet sitter charges a fee for cancellations or changes and whether there are any restrictions on when those changes can be made.

Do You Have References I Can Contact?

When looking for a good pet sitter, it's always a good idea to ask for references. Speaking with previous clients who have left their dogs to the sitter is one of the most acceptable methods to learn more about that person, so don't be afraid to ask for references. The pet caretaker should be glad to oblige. If the candidate appears to pause, this is not a good indicator. Check their social media and other online reviews as well.

What Would You Do If My Pet Needed You?

When caring for animals, you never know what can happen, so it's critical to plan for emergencies. Ask the sitter what they would do if your pet got into difficulty to learn more about the sitter's emergency plan. This emergency contact information and instructions should also be included in the Service Agreement or Contract. Look for another candidate if your possible sitter does not have a strategy.


It would be best if you also inquired whether the sitter uses a certain emergency veterinarian. If not, the sitter should ask for your emergency veterinarian's contact information and location.

Can You Look After My Special Needs Pet?

Every pet is unique, with its own set of requirements. Your pet, for example, may require medication. Or perhaps your pet is accustomed to a particular walking pattern. In any event, you should inform the potential sitter of your pet's unique requirements verbally and in writing. Then, after you've explained your requirements, ask the sitter if he or she will be able to meet them.

What About Taking my Dog For a Walk?

If your sitter is walking your dog, request more information about this service. You should find out where the sitter intends to walk your dog and how long the walk will take. This information will assist you in determining the sitter's capacity to meet your dog's exercise requirements. They should also provide advice and understanding concerning leashes, harnesses, and collars, and they should have their own.

Will You Meet with My Pet and me in Advance? AKA "Meet and Greet"

The sitter is likely already at your home and has spoken to your pet if you are conducting this interview in person. If that is the case, there is no need to ask this question; however, if this is a phone interview, you must set up a time for the sitter to visit and get to know your cherished animal. Find another sitter if the current one won't cooperate.

If the sitter agrees to meet your pet, pay particular attention to how well they get along. Although they are unlikely to be best friends straight once, you should make sure your pet is at peace with the sitter. Furthermore, while a sitter's ultimate goal is to develop a strong relationship with your pet, this will not be fully accomplished during the first meeting. During the first few visits, your pet may be confused, refuse to eat, or exhibit unusual behavior. The Pet Sitter should warn you of any unusual behaviour before and during visits.


Here at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we always conduct a "Meet and Greet" with our clients and their pets before any services are rendered. This allows the pet owner to ask any questions they may have and give us specific instructions on how they would like us to care for their pet while they are away. It also allows the pet time to become comfortable with us so that when we return to care for them, they will be happy to see us!


We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer them!