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What are the Duties of a Pet Sitter?

Dec 17

Being a pet sitter  is a rewarding job. You have the privilege to get to know some really lovable furballs, provide them with the necessary care they need, and make sure that their owners come home to happy pets. 


However, pet sitting is not just an easy job. It requires knowledge and responsibility to ensure that the pet sits well in your care. Let’s take a look at the duties of being a pet sitter. 


Caring for Pets 


The most important task as a pet sitter is taking care of the pets in your charge. This includes feeding them according to their unique dietary needs, providing them with fresh water, exercising them (at least once per day if possible), brushing or combing their fur if needed, cleaning up after them if necessary, giving them medication (if needed), and generally just showing love and affection towards them. 


Ensuring Safety 


It's also important for you as a pet sitter to ensure that your furry charges are safe and secure while under your watchful eye. This means doing things like double-checking that all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving the house, keeping an eye out for any hazards such as poisonous plants or substances in the house, never leaving pets unattended outside or near potentially dangerous places (like swimming pools), and being aware of any suspicious activity around the neighborhood. 

Creating Reports 


Another important task is creating reports about each visit you make with your furry charges so that their owners can be kept informed about how their pets are doing. 


These reports should include details such as when you arrived for each visit, whether or not there were any issues during each visit (and what those issues were if there were any), how much time was spent playing with/exercising each pet, what food was given to each pet, how much water each pet drank during each visit etc..


This way owners will be able to monitor their pets even when they're away from home!  


Some pet sitters might also offer extra services like house cleaning and yard maintenance. For instance, pet sitters can be asked to pick a pet from the groomer. They'll need to bring in multiple animals on back-to-back days before securely bringing them back home. 


Pet sitters must adhere to the directions given by the pet owners and inform them of any changes or issues. Pet sitters will ultimately provide exceptional care for the animal and owner while they are gone, provided they carry out their responsibilities appropriately.


Indeed, being a pet sitter is no easy job – but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding! Not only do you get to enjoy spending time with lovable furballs but you also have an important responsibility in ensuring that they receive proper care while their owners are away from home. 


If you’re looking for an enjoyable job where you can help make sure animals stay safe and healthy then becoming a professional pet sitter might be right up your alley!


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