Enjoyable fishing journey concepts for this summer season

If you're looking for some fun fishing trip ideas for this season, you don't have to look very far. Finding a local lake or pond near your home is easy.

You can fish for Bluegill from a shoreline or a public pier. All you need is an ultra-light rod, a bobber, some hooks numbered 6 through 8, and some bait like worms or crickets.

You can go out there and fish for largemouth bass using a medium weight spinning rod and reel combo, some offset worm hooks, and some soft plastic worms.

And once you've landed your first catches, make sure you use the correct catch and release techniques. Keep the fish in the water as long as possible. You want to hold the fish with wet bare hands and then of course revive the fish before carefully dropping it back into the water.

Visit TakeMeFishing.org for more fishing trip ideas, including a map of more family-friendly places to fish and boating.

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