From walking the streets to fulfilling a dream, kittens with cute goatees never abandon each other

A pair of tied kittens have never abandoned each other since they were found on the street together.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Late last year, a Montreal animal shelter reached out to a cat rescue colleague, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, about two tied kittens in need of help.

Rescuers were at a location earlier this month to recover an injured stray dog ​​who had been hit by a car. Not only did they find the cat, but also their two kittens.

The cat-like siblings were huddled together and didn’t want to leave each other. Both have adorable goat puller-like markings on their chins, as if they had permanent smiles on their faces.

Rescuers could not leave the kittens alone. They picked her up and brought her to safety.

Orphan kittens Montreal

While the mother cat was being taken to the vet for life-saving surgery, the kittens were taken to Chatons Orphelins Montréal to begin socializing in a loving nursing home.

“You were treated for worms, but otherwise healthy and in good shape,” the ambulance told Love Meow.

Orphan kittens Montreal

The stray cat had done a great job raising her kittens and feeding them and keeping them strong before they were found. When they got into foster care, they were ready to adjust to the domestic cat life.

“At first they were a bit shy and stuck together like glue to make themselves feel safe, but soon they warmed up to their people and started exploring the house from room to room.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

The kittens Babett and Tapeo follow each other around the house. They echoed and reflected each other – when one of them starts playing, the other quickly follows.

“They are drawn to feather toys and are very playful and curious. They are always exploring (together) and looking for things to play with. As soon as we pick up a feather stick, they both come running,” the rescue team told Love Meow.

When they’re not hopping around the house, they cuddle, groom, and smile in bliss.

Orphan kittens Montreal

The kittens have grown in size, confidence, and affection over the past few weeks. They stay close to their people, and when they demand attention or extra cuddles, their humans are always within reach.

“As soon as you look at them, they’ll start purring. They’ll come up to you to hug you while they turn on their purr motors.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

Tapeo, the brother, is a little dynamo who doesn’t want to miss any action. He insists on joining his sister every time she cuddles and doesn’t take no for an answer. Babett is kind and calm. Together they make the perfect duo.

“When Babett jumps on the sofa to snuggle up with her humans, her brother will follow right behind her. They are joined at the waist and cannot be separated.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

The mother cat has fully recovered and is enjoying her new life as the center of attention. She will never have to get pregnant again and will have a safe and warm home.

After two months of care, the feline siblings found the family of their dreams. They went to their home together forever and would never be apart.

Orphan kittens Montreal

“You sleep happily in your new home tonight. It really is a dream come true!”

Babett and Tapeo continue their daily activities as a connected couple. They wrestle, chase each other when they play, and put their arms around each other before falling asleep.

Orphan kittens Montreal

The cute kittens with the perfect goatee live the best life and get endless cuddles from their eternal family.

Orphan kittens Montreal

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