Meet Allie

Dog’s name and age: Miss Allie, 7 years

Nicknames: Allie Mae, Sally Roo

Name story: We are big Oklahoma State fans and Allie was named after former OSU multi-sport athlete Allie P Reynolds.

Adoption story: I saw a picture of this brown fur ball with blue eyes–she was so tiny and extremely sick. After almost losing her twice within two months, she is now a healthy, happy, very smart girl.


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Her favorite thing to do is to go swimming. Allie loves fetching a tennis ball from the pool so she will take the ball to anyone who will throw it for her. She also participates in Rally classes and does dock diving. She also loves playing hide and seek with tennis ball.

In addition to her passion for sports, Allie has an outgoing and sensitive personality. She loves doing therapy visits to the children’s hospital and the adult daycare center.

She is always happy and only on occasion exhibits her Allie-tude.

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