Simple Selfmade Rabbit Toys Utilizing Recycled Supplies

You may be surprised to learn that rabbits are highly intelligent and playful pets. Unaware of this, many rabbit owners fail to provide their bunnies with the necessary opportunities to exercise their bodies and their minds. This causes boredom which can then lead to a variety of health and behavioural issues. Looking for a solution to entertain your rabbit? Check out these easy homemade rabbit toys!    

In order to live a happy, healthy life, your rabbit requires regular exercise and mental stimulation.

While your can encourage daily exercise and play with your time and attention, the best solution is to provide your pet with a variety of rabbit-friendly toys including chew toys, tunnels, balls, and more.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to provide your rabbit with the toys they need.

Today, I’ve put together a short list of everyday items that can be repurposed and recycled to make fun, safe and engaging rabbit toys.

The best part? You likely have everything you need to challenge your rabbit’s mental skills and keep it out of trouble sitting around at home!

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Check Out These Easy Homemade Rabbit Toys

Cardboard Boxes

Have you ever purchased an expensive gift for your pet only to have them gravitate to the box that it came in? If so, you’re not alone!

Rabbits love playing in boxes of all sizes, so why not take advantage of it?

If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of boxes waiting in the recycling bin from your latest online shopping deliveries.

Cut a couple holes in each side of a box to create an easy burrow for them to hide out in.

Feeling overly creative? Use multiple boxes to create tunnels, castles, or other structures. The only limit is your imagination!

You can also use the cardboard from the boxes to create platforms, allowing your rabbit to see the world around them from different levels.

Note: When selecting cardboard for your rabbit, be careful to choose boxes that aren’t printed on the surface. These printed inks contain chemicals that can be dangerous if ingested in large quantities.   

Toilet Rolls/Kitchen Rolls

Another cardboard item that can be recycled to create a fun, rabbit-friendly toy are toilet paper rolls (or kitchen rolls).  

Larger rolls can be used to create a fun tunnel, providing your bunny with new places to explore.

Cut a few holes into your smaller toilet paper rolls and stuff them with hay to create a fun and interactive chew toy.

Not only can they chew on the cardboard and hay, but they can also throw the toy around.

You can also fill your toilet paper roll with treats or rabbit pellets, folding over the ends to create a food puzzle toy.

Create a game of hide and seek by filling the toilet paper rolls with fresh fruits and vegetables (including carrots, apples, broccoli and leafy greens) and then hiding the rolls around your house.

This will tap into your rabbit’s natural desire to forage for food.

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Kraft Paper and Newspaper

In addition to cardboard, there are some types of paper that are safe for your rabbit to shred and destroy.

As previously mentioned, you want to avoid papers printed with chemical-based inks.

Most newspapers are printed with a soy-based ink, making them safe. However, if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution.

Paper can be used to add to your rabbit’s cardboard burrow, creating additional tunnels and tents. It can also be crumbled lightly and placed inside a box to encourage safe digging.

If your bunny enjoys throwing toys around, crumple up paper to create a light-weight ball.

Tree Branches

Not only do rabbits love to chew, but they also need to chew to maintain their teeth.

Consider bringing a small branch or stick from a safe tree in from your garden to provide a safe and natural chew toy.

Safe woods include apple, birch, maple, sycamore, willow, hazel, cotton, poplar, and juniper.

Only bring in branches from a safe space like your own garden to avoid any unhealthy bugs or pesticides.

Wash the branch and allow it to fully dry before handing it over as an extra precaution.

Polar Fleece Blankets

Create a fun digging and foraging opportunity by repurposing old polar fleece blankets.

While other fabrics can cause digestive problems, the fibers from polar fleece are short enough that they are safe for your bunny.  

Pile blankets up with treats or rabbit pellets tucked in randomly to create a food puzzle.

Cut your blanket into strips and tie it together/roll it up to create a fun, rabbit-friendly ‘yarn ball’ that your rabbit can toss around or chew on.

You can also use the strips of fleece blanket to add an extra layer of fun to your rabbit’s cardboard box burrows.

Do you enjoy making homemade rabbit toys for your furry friend?

Feel free to share your tips, tricks, and creative toy ideas in the comments section below to inspire other rabbit lovers!

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