Trash Panda The cereal-loving cat scores with purrsonalised boxes with fruity pebbles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To strengthen himself for his work at Fulton County’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA), Trash Panda presents a bowl of fruity pebbles.

Fulton County, Illinois citizens know Trash Pandas Pebble Love for the fun it gives its people. But Fulton Counties aren’t the only ones who caught the wind of Trash Panda’s sweet and fruity muesli allure.

POST Cereals, makers of fruity pebbles, recently sent the hard-working tuxedo cat a box of goodies. The ESDA shared the contents of the box via Facebook post and wrote: “Inside there were 2 large boxes of pebbles, some great pebble masks (* THEY SMELL LIKE PEBBLES !!!! *), fruity pebble candy bars (FYI – those I will go don’t lie, they were amazing) and at the end of the box was something no one expected. Neither of us could believe it. “

What did you find?

Boxes of fruity pebble muesli with a very special cat on the front!

Fulton County ESDA / Facebook

But who is Trash Panda and why did Post send a cereal box for cats with his face on?

Care forever helper

A few years ago Trash Panda came to ESDA in Fulton County as a kitten after being found “abandoned”. To keep him going, he was “bottle-fed for some time every 4 hours”.

Trash Panda and Floof / Facebook

The staff tried to find a home for him and even posted some funny memes about Trash Panda, but they all didn’t know that Trash Panda had already found his home forever. Its new humans made it official after promising to adopt Trash Panda if the community helped them raise $ 250 for the local Salvation Army branch.

On the Facebook page Trash Panda shares with Floofers siblings, it was reported, “We sailed over $ 1,000 and went on and lost the count.”

When Trash Panda again asked the community for help gathering supplies for an event in St. Jude, the response was overwhelming. ESDA expected to send “10 to 20 packages of stickers for those who have donated”.

Your mail load was much fuller than expected!

“105 packages later, the magic of ???????? came through again.”

Trash Panda and Floof / Facebook

Fulton County loved their pebble-crazy rescue cat! But how did the pebbles fun start?

A cat, a bowl of pebbles and a few pictures

During ESDA’s efforts to find a home for the little kitten, pictures and memes of Trash Panda with fruity pebbles hit the funny Fulton County’s bones. The Pebbles jokes got stuck and the legacy was created!

Fulton County ESDA / Facebook
Fulton County ESDA / Facebook

When Post and Pebbles became aware of their cat mascot and his efforts to do good for others, they had to recognize him. Along with the delicious treats, there was something in their care package that touched the hearts of the ESDA staff, “a very touching handwritten note”.

Fulton County ESDA / Facebook

ESDA said: “We would like to say a big thank you to the Post Foods and Pebbles Cereal staff. It was an honor, an incredible moment, a touching gift. “

Not possible without the pebble-loving people of Fulton County

Fulton ESDA wants their community to know, “This is because YOU cared, that you made a difference, and that you – AFTER THE TIME – stand up to help others when they are in need. The people of this county and our first responders are absolute superstars. *Never forget that.”

Trash Panda and Fulton County’s ESDA would like to “thank the people who stand up and say,” HOLD MY FRUITY BALLS, I HAVE THIS “whenever we keep asking for help.”

Trash Panda is a cat who proves that anything is possible when we step behind a cat’s agenda!

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Feature Image: Fulton County ESDA / Facebook

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